Melody's Song

Collection of children stories.

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the city of the voice snatchers

A fierce and feisty little girl sets out on a colorful adventure to find her true voice, save her city and overcome the evil Voice Snatchers.


adventure of the sound catchers

This enchanting Melody’s Song sequel follows a young girl’s journey to discovering the power of friendship and the dangers of ego. During a magical journey of self-discovery, Melody finds herself stuck between her own desire for success and the need to relinquish control for the greater good. 

Melody will once again face the Voice Snatchers, but with the Sound Catchers by her side, there may be hope of a surprise unification changing the course of events in Sound City.

Find even more reasons to live your song while joining Melody on her adventure of self-discovery and musical delight!


book of freedom

Melody's Songbook Of Freedom A Look Back At The Songs That Helped Rewrite African American Black History In “Melody’s Songbook of Freedom” Melody visits the past to look at the songs that helped clear the way to a “land of freedom.” We'll look at songs that inspired the “Underground Railroad” helping slaves escape to a new life, and held the hidden codes that led others to the new life they had dreamed about. Children will complete activities to help them learn the hidden power behind the music and discover why we still celebrate Black History Month today. Best children's music books Children's books about African music Children's books about music Children's book with music themes Children's music story books Children's picture books about music African American music books Black characters in children's literature Black humor in children's literature Black authors of children's literature Children's literature for black history month